Perfect cooked egg, Le Bistrot, Verbier 4Vallées Perfect cooked egg, Le Bistrot, Verbier 4Vallées
Le Bistrot

The cuisine


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Bert de Rycker works with the best suppliers to create his gourmet menu. He sources meat from Mérat in Martigny and Del Maître in Verbier, fish from Bianchi, masters of the sea, fruit and vegetables from Léguriviera, who work with the greatest chefs in French-speaking Switzerland, and cheese from the Fromathèque in Martigny-Combe, which is renowned far and wide.

The chef works on each ingredient with astounding skill, focusing on the taste and emotion that he intends to invoke through his creations.

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The chef's suggestions

Treat yourself to a slab of salmon smoked at an altitude of 2,700 metres, or meat of the finest quality, accompanied by a range of outstanding side dishes. And don’t forget there is also a cornucopia of desserts to tantalise your taste buds.